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its_home_welcome=Welcome to the XWiki Task Manager its_home_mytasks=My Tasks its_home_myactivetasks=My Active Tasks its_home_myreportedtasks=My Reported Tasks its_home_allactivetasks=20 Latest Active Tasks its_pagetasks_tasks=Page Tasks its_pagetasks_newtask=New Task its_pagetasks_more=View all my tasks its_pagetasks_notask=This page does not have any attached task. its_mytasks_mytasks=My Recent Tasks its_mytasks_notask=You do not have any assigned task. its_newtask=New Task its_task_new=New Task its_task=Task its_task_id=Id its_task_assignee=Assignee its_task_reporter=Reporter its_task_description=Description its_task_status=Status its_task_severity=Severity its_task_title=Title its_task_onpage=on page its_task_dueDate=Due Date its_task_resolution=Resolution

its_taskgroup_new=New Task Group its_taskgroup=Task Group its_taskgroup_newtask=New Main Task its_taskgroup_subtasks=Sub-Tasks its_taskgroup_create=Create Task its_taskgroup_title=Creating a new task group its_taskgroup_addsubtaskassignee=Add a new assignee its_taskgroup_created=Task {0} has been created. its_taskgroup_created_subtask=Sub-task {0} has been created assigned to {2}. its_taskgroup_created_endmessage=You can now create another task group or visit your My Tasks page. its_taskgroup_onpage=on page its_taskgroup_activesubtasks=Active subtasks its_taskgroup_inactivesubtasks=Inactive subtasks its_taskgroup_list=Task group list its_taskgroup_numberofunfinishedsubtasks=Number of unfinished subtasks its_taskgroup_activetasks=Active tasks its_taskgroup_inactivetasks=Inactive tasks its_taskgroup_subtaskexplanation=Clicking on an user will allow you to create a subtask that will be affected to him. You can only create one subtask per user. You can create as many subtasks as there is users on your wiki. its_taskgroup_createsubtasks=Create those subtasks its_taskscode_admin=Task Manager Application Administration Space its_taskscode_spaceindex=Space Index its_taskscodespace_info=Welcome to the administration space of the Task Manager Application ! This page lists all the components used to build the Task Manager Application. Remember to always provide a view right on this space to your users for them to be able to add new tasks and view them.

its_notifications_sender=ludovic@xwiki.com its_notifications_update_title=Task Update: {0}-{1} its_notifications_update_content=nTask {1} has been updated. You can view the current task information at:nn{2}nnTask Status: {3} Task Assignee: {4} Task reporter: {5} Task due date: {6}nn{7}nn its_notifications_create_title=Task Create: {0}-{1} its_notifications_create_content=nTask {1} has been created. You can view the current task information at:nn{2}nnTask Status: {3} Task Assignee: {4} Task reporter: {5} Task due date: {6}nn{7}nn